II4T builds innovative rural robotics learning experiences

Through our PA Rural Robotics Initiative we strive to turn the Rust-Belt to the Smart-Belt by removing barriers and creating educational robotics opportunities in traditionally underserved regions.

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Referee Scoring at VEX States in Tippin Gymnasium

Using robotics in the classroom and competitively creates STEM opportunities that fuel student excitement

Our Education Team’s hands-on approach assists educators in creating learning opportunities where kids work as a team to engineer, build, and code the robots they build from scratch.

Removing barriers for teachers through classroom robotics support and professional development opportunities

We make sure our teachers and coaches are supported with cutting-edge resources from VEX Robotics that elevate programming that employers demand and students deserve.

North Clarion VIQ Student at PennWest Clarion

Engineering a path to STEM careers for school districts and communities

We work within our STEM ecosystem to provide programming that prepares every child for the 21st century workforce.

It has opened the world of STEM and specifically robotics to myself, staff, and our students. It is providing real-world applications for our student's knowledge and problem solving-skills. This is the best thing I have seen happen for our students in NW PA in the 26 years I have been involved in education in Pennsylvania."

Ritt Smith

Cranberry Jr./Sr. High School Principal

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