Innovative Drone Programming takes STEM to New Heights

II4T works hand in hand with FTW Robotics to deliver first-of-its kind drone education opportunities to schools.

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A student flying a drone sitting on the floor at the PA Capitol Building for a PASmart STEM event with II4T

Equity, access and belonging are focal points of student drone programming

We have provided in person and virtual drone programming for student groups ranging from urban elementary school classrooms to the National Autism Conference Summer Camp.

Maximizing a teacher’s impact by guiding classroom instruction through innovative training

With a focus on inclusion and guided by Universal Design for Learning, we help our teachers create effective, meaningful lessons that meet the needs of their individual classrooms.

Elevating school districts with CSinPA Build | Fly | Code

From the first RIU6 teacher trainings in 2019 to the latest CSinPA Build | Fly | Code cohorts running statewide, II4T, FTW Robotics and their partners at PaTTAN have helped school districts elevate their STEM and computer science offerings.

A competition referee reffing a competition while excited students look on eagerly.

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