Empowering Teachers in the 21st Century Classroom with Drones

II4T is dedicated to supporting teachers by integrating drones into their classroom curriculum with ecosystem partner, For The Win Robotics. Since the inception of FTW’s Build | Fly | Code drone programming, teachers have enjoyed professional development sessions where they trained to instruct their students on building, flying, and coding an aerial drone. These sessions provide teachers with the opportunity to learn about the latest technology and gain hands-on experience which builds confidence long before they engage their students face-to-face.

The training allows educators to effectively incorporate drones into their lessons by teaching principles of flight, how drones are used in the workforce, drone safety, and maybe most importantly, it creates a hook to introduce many students to coding for the first time.

In addition to virtual training and drone kits, teachers are provided ongoing support and extra resources that allow their kits to be used many times over. Teachers also gain access to a community of like-minded educators, as well as lesson plans and activities that incorporate drone technology through FTW’s Educator Portal. This ongoing support empowers teachers to continue to integrate this innovative educational experience over time and allow students to use 21st century technologies that will prepare them for future careers in STEM.

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